Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Pic's

We enjoyed a lot of Christmas time fun this year.....there were so many pictures it was hard to choose just a few.....

Kids Christmas Eve with Christmas pillowcases thanks Grandma Mary.

Reading the Polar Express Christmas Eve.

Ashley got a digital camera! Yahoo!

Lindsey crashed out after all the Christmas excitement.

Maggey had her Christmas dreams come true. She raked in the Littlest Pet Shop, here they all are loaded onto her belt loops...

All the kids ready for bed on Christmas Eve. Thanks Grandma Mary for the pj's!

Nathan as a wise man in the Nativity at Grandma JaNae's.

I had to include this picture of Grandpa Ross... If anyone is wondering where Bartley got his sense of humor,this picture alone should be the answer.

Ashley, Lindsey, Nathan and the other Nicholes cousins, played the bells for us at Grandma JaNae's house Christmas Eve. Every year the kids do a musical number for the adults. Thanks Aunt Colleen for putting this together!
We had ton's of snow on Christmas Morning!!! We actually have had a lot of snow in the last few weeks. Our neighbors have a four wheeler with a plow, and they plowed out the street in front of our driveway, and made a HUGE pile of snow. Good thing too, cause Santa brought Maggey a brand new sled! Maggey and Abbey had their own personal sledding hill right in our front yard. They played outside for hours and hours. :)

Abbey sang "I Want a Hippopotomus for Christmas" at the annual elementary "Christmas Sing". Abbey is on the back row 3rd from the left. Isn't she so cute!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank You

This is Bartley.
I was raising money for an audio system for my classroom. It was fully funded today. I am not sure how long it will take to get to my classroom, but know that I am very excited. I get to see how much the district will charge me to install it in my classroom.
Thanks Juli for all that you contributed.
Happy Holidays.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Nicholes

This year we are trying out something new….posting our Christmas letter on our blog instead of printing it out. Let us know what you think!

As we look back on the past year, we can only see how truly blessed we are to have such great family and friends who support us through everything. We can’t express our thank you’s enough to all of you. I know some of you don’t think you have done much, but your prayers and words of encouragement have sustained us, and we appreciate it so much.

Just a few updates;

Abbey is in second grade. She has had a great year. She was diagnosed with significant hearing loss in her right ear. We were able to get her a PINK hearing aid, and much to our surprise she loves wearing it. She has lots of friends, and is overall such a funny kid. She has been sleeping in one of our Santa hats, so she “can have only Christmas dreams.” She brings so much humor and joy to our family!

Maggey is in third grade. She is getting so tall and mature. She has skipped one whole clothing size going from an eight to a 12 since school started! She enjoys arts and crafts, everything from construction paper and scissors to string and beads. She played soccer this year and accomplished her goal of scoring a goal in a game. She has started reading “chapter books” and is really enjoying Little House on the Prairie Series. Her teachers say that she knows everything about their class, and if they have to leave for a few minutes, they leave her in charge!

Nathan is in sixth grade. He too has had a growth spurt and is almost as tall as his mom. He continues to love baseball, but lately has been playing football with his friends. He has really been interested in reading, staying up way too late cause he just can’t put the book down. He attending a “Priesthood Preview” recently and is excited to be a deacon in June. He is quite the lip syncer(sp?) and cracks us up with his dance moves.

Ashley is in 8th grade. She continues to amaze us with her talents. She is very smart and has pulled excellent grades. She is in the choir at school and we enjoy watching her practice and practice and be so prepared for her performances. Her choir did a benefit concert that raised over $3,000 for a family in need. Ashley also cut over 10 inches of her hair off to donate to Locks of Love this summer. She has been increasing her sewing skills, and sewed a really cute bag for all of her friends this year for Christmas. Ashley has reached her ultimate goal finally, she is about 1 inch taller than Lindsey!

Lindsey is in 10th grade. She turned sixteen on her birthday in September. She has her driving permit and is anxious to have her license. She went on her first date, and had a great time. She continues to be part of the Band and loves every minute of it. She was able to travel to Indianapolis to participate with the band in a national completion. They placed 14th out of 94 bands. She is already working hard to earn money for next years band season.

Bartley continues to teach 5th grade at Greenwood Elementary. He really enjoys 5th grade. He is the 1st councilor in the Bishopric, and he really likes being in the "know", for the most part. He finished a bedroom in the basement for Lindsey and Ashley this summer. He was able to take Nathan to an All-star baseball tournament in Rexburg, ID. They has a great time, just the two guys.

As for myself I keep very busy with my kids, job, and calling. I continue to manage Maple Village, and love my calling as Young Women President. These things combined keep me so busy that I don’t really have time for anything else.

We wish you love and joy at this special time of year.

Friday, December 5, 2008

My Young Women are soooo Amazing..............

We have had an amazing tradition here in our ward. For the past few years the Young Women under the direction of the Bishop have "adopted" a family for Christmas. This year has been no exception.

I asked them on Sunday if they wanted us as their Leaders to forgo the gifts we had budgeted for them, and "adopt" a family instead. They unanimously voted to help this family for Christmas.

I am so proud of them!

We went shopping this week for our family, and it was just so awesome to be standing there, while the girls were trying their best to make this Christmas special for this family. The Bishop has asked that we keep this totally anonymous, so the girls don't even know who these gifts will go to. I thought that maybe they would be a little down on the whole idea of shopping for someone that they don't even know, but I was sooooo wrong. They considered every last detail, down to ribbon and bows!

If any of my Young Women read this, all I can say is you have made this Christmas one that I will never forget. Thanks for your good example! Don't forget how much I love you!

Lindsey and Shane Part 2

Lindsey just received the copy of her "Official" dance pictures. Lindsey was just so excited she had to share!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marching Band

If you're interested there is a picture of the AF Marching Band taken during retreat in Las Vegas at the regional grand nationals on the district website. The website is alpine.k12.ut.us.


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today I was so lucky! I was able to go to Twilight with Lindsey and Ashley and 2 of their friends.

I thought the movie was good, it followed the book well. I will say that the book is better, as always just because there is so much info in the book than can be covered in the movie. If you haven't read the book, you won't understand most of the movie. I read the book about a year ago, and it took me a few minutes to figure out some of what was actually going on.

It was fun to be there with the entire theater full of women. There were a few guys there who were obviously there with husbands/boyfriends, most of whom looked like they were bribed to be there.:)

We did still have to wait in line for over an hour, but it wasn't midnight, so I was happy to do it! I am glad Lindsey and Ashley allowed me to go, it was fun to spend some time with them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Am Still Begging for Money (for my classroom)!!!

I am still begging for money for an audio enhancement system for my classroom. The cost of the system is $815. $300 have been donated so far. Any amount helps. Go to donorschoose.org. On the left hand side of the window about half way down is a link that reads . This link will give you a list of the states. Obviously, click Utah. When the state window closes look in the same location for a link that reads District. On the pop up window click Alpine School District. Currently in the top position is a request titled "Could Ya' Speak There Up Sonny, I Couldn't Hear Ya?" This is my project. Any amount will help. If you have any questions talk to me. Tell your rich friends, neighbors, etc.
I am done for now.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Lindsey's first Date!!!!

Many of you have asked for some pics of Lindsey and her date Shane...drum roll.....

They both clean up real good!


This was hilarious! My sister Jamie and her husband Bryce were Cinderella and Prince Charming. When we went to their house it was funny to see the Cinderella Family! Abbey thought it was the greatest to have the same costume as Jamie!

Our "Cinderella" (aka Abbey)

"Dorothy" isn't she the cutest thing????

The NERD! Need I say more?

"Cindy"(aka Jamie) and Super Dodgers Fan (aka Linds)

My sister "Cinderella"and Spa Lady(aka Ashley).
A special and very big THANK YOU goes out to my sweet mother who sewed Maggey and Abbey's fabulous costumes! THANKS!!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Mom and Sisters

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go out to lunch and do a little shopping with my mom and my sister, Jamie. I had so much fun! It was great to just hang out and relax with two of my best friends. It's amazing how after you grow up your family ends up being the best friends you have ever had. :)

The only sad moment was missing my sister Julie. Sometimes it is almost painful to do these kinds of things because we all miss her sooo much. We seem to miss her more when we are all together, I guess her absence is felt more then that at other times.

I just want my sisters to know how much I love them and how thankful I am that they are part of my family!

This picture of the three of us, was taken a couple of months ago in Mom and Dad's backyard.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Luck Lindsey!

On Thursday morning Lindsey (at 4am!) will take off to go to Indianapolis to participate in a national marching band competition. According to her band director they are ranked 3rd in the nation. No band from Utah has ever placed in this competition,in fact, American Fork went about 5 years ago and was in the top 20. This is a very prestigious event, and they all have worked very very hard to be there. I admire the band director,Mr.Miller for all of his efforts, getting 230 teenagers to all do the right moves at the right time, while playing perfect music. It is pretty amazing! Our only wish for the band is that they do their very best and leave everything they have out on the field,if they do that and come home proud of their performance, then we ask nothing else.

As a parent it is hard for me to send my girl across the country, changing planes, layovers etc. I know she will be fine, she is a good girl, and she will follow all the rules. I know that there are plenty of good people there with her, who will take good care of her, but it is still hard. I can't help but feel a little more sympathy for parents when they send a missionary out. I know a few days is not the same , but the trust in others and Lord must be similar.

The above picture was taken this summer during a parade,Lindsey is second from the left.


I am not computer savvy, I wish I knew how to get a link to this, but if you would like to see and sort of hear the marching show you can go to www.youtube.com, type in American Fork Marching Band, select BYU 2008, and then watch! There is another video from Fox 13 news, if you want more.....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hello Friends and Family.....

Some of you may be the second or third or fourth child in your family. If so, you might remember feeling like you always had to play second fiddle to the older child(ren). Ashley has expressed a deep need to be seen and heard above the roar that is Lindsey's super cool teenage life. So this post is dedicated to Ashley....


Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate YOU!!!!

1-You have more natural music abilities in your little finger, than most people in the world.
2- You are the BEST babysitter in the world! (From sources other than mom)
3- You are gorgeous, your skin (flawless), your eyes (WOW!), not everyone is that lucky! (At your age I had more zits than teeth! Gross!)
4- You are smart (straight A's) again WOW!
5- You are kind and giving, you have a good heart. (think Lindsey and your "donations" and your choir concert that had you in tears.)
6- You are so stinking creative. Who would have thought to use clear nail polish and glitter, and then give all your sisters a BLING! BLING! pedicure. Your scrapbook ideas, WOW! Your handwriting, WOW! Don't forget your art projects that went way above the normal and average!
7- You make things happen. Ashley, you work hard to get what you want. again, WOW!
8- You are great at debate! In fact I won't be surprised if you become a lawyer or a politician. Maybe one day you will be President of the United States. :) ( Promise me that I can come for Christmas!)
9- You are great at being the boss. See #8
10- You are a good sister. You know every one's secrets and you won't tell a soul, even mom or dad.

If I have left anything out, please leave a comment! Ashley will appreciate any comments, especially from non-parent type people who are cooler and know so much more....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Band, Choir and Stuff

WoW! We have had a crazy few weeks. It seems like we just run from one responsibility to another. From Young Women to Scouts, to Band and Choir etc. we are always doing something, somewhere.

Ashley had her choir concert a few days ago, and it was AWESOME. Her teacher let the kids vote for a good cause. They chose a family whose 8 month old baby is really ill and may not live very long. They then donated all the ticket sales to this family.:) Over $2000.The news keeps telling us that teenagers are up to NO good, well they are wrong. The spirit was strong there, you could feel the kids love for this little family. Ashley preformed well, Hero by Mariah Carey, Grateful Prayer in spanish, and My boyfriends back. It was really fun. We were proud of Ashley, she practiced a lot for her performance. and you could see how prepared she was. I wish that you all could have been there.WAY to GO ASH!

We were able to go to Lindsey's Band competition this last weekend in St. George and Las Vegas. WOW! I wish you could all have been there. The Band won the Western Regional Band of America Competition. This is the 1st time in 27 years (the whole time the competition has existed) that a band from Utah has won. It was so emotional, and amazing. The other bands from California, Oklahoma, and Nevada were amazing too, in fact I thought one of them would win for sure. Every band parent that was there had tears in their eyes. We stormed the field (UNLV stadium) and all of the band kids were in tears too. Lindsey ( and all the band) got a special medal for this accomplishment. Then they went out on the field and performed with their medals on for their parents. Once again the tears flowed. The Band director told them that performing for their parents is the most important performance they ever do. TEARS!

They have worked their guts out this year (blisters on feet and hands, bloody lips, dehydration etc. NOT kidding) and we are proud of them. I know some of you think it's just the dumb band, but around our little town this is big news. They had an encore performance at the High School on Monday, and the Mayor, all the major TV stations were there. The stands were almost completely full of spectators!I can't even believe it myself. There is talk that the Governor may be coming down to do some sort of presentation to them...wow!

We were able to stay with Jason and ALee (Bart's sister) in St. George. The kids had a great time sleeping over with their cousins. Nathan was able to go out to the Ranch with Jason and Porter. He helped paint a building and of course rode the four wheelers. He had a great time.

Ashley, Maggey and Abbey stayed behind (while mom and dad went with the band) and played with Bergen (ALee's daughter). They LOVED every second and can't wait to go back!

After that 'high" we came home to a broken washing machine, and the stomach flu.....:(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was tagged long ago by Juli, so here is 7 random facts!!!

This should not be difficult. I spend most of my day speaking randomly. Just ask my class.

1. I want to go to New Zealand to earn a doctoral degree, and visit Christ's Church.
2. If I ever get a paying gig for public speaking, I have my first 10 minutes of the act already planned.
3. It's not really a secret, but in my next life I want to be an F16 fighter pilot.
4. I am teaching in the classroom in which I was a third grade student. Mrs. Peterson, my third grade teacher, is the only teacher to send me to the principal's office. My BIG offense...5 minutes late for class.
5. I want to own and manage the Sticky Shoe (AF's own dollar theater).
6. I want to do a voice over for an animated film.
7. If I had millions of dollars I would charter an airplane, fly everyone to Disneyland, rent a wing of a Disneyland Hotel, give everyone spending money, admission to Disneyland, and require that we all eat one dinner together. So we could have a fun time at Disneyland.
There it is.


Friday, October 17, 2008


Every year the extended Nicholes Family looks for ways to serve others at Christmas time in place of gift giving. With Tyler (our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend) and his family living in Kinshasa, Congo we have realized a great need there. Tens of thousands of children are homeless living on the streets or in orphanges in this city of SEVEN MILLION. We as a family are focusing on collecting as many baby blankets or even baby clothes as we can to ship to Tyler. They need anything they can get so also any school supplies or child's clothing will be greatly appreicated. Tyler along with his Bishop, will distribute the items we collect. NOVEMBER 1st thru DECEMBER 1st we will be asking people to donate their items that they have collected. Items can be new or gently used:) We appreciate all those willing to help with this years project!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok Pyper tagged me, I guess this all started with Juli....

1-I am totally scared of heights. I can't walk near a railing or balcony (ie the second floor of the mall), because my stomach drops, I get dizzy, and I am sure that I am going to die.
2- If I could have my dream job, I would be an Elementary School Librarian.....Marian the Librarian.:)I love picture books, they are my favorite. I am actually quite particular, the words and the pictures have to be just right. I love the smell of books in general, cause I love the "Library" smell.
3- I like watching movies....but only if they have a happy resolution at the end. I avoid movies like Charlie, or P.S. I love you... Movies are an escape for me...I don't want reality.:)I am already living it!
4- I want to go on a Mission, to Martin's Cove. I would love my companion, and I enjoy pioneer history. Plus you only serve about 6 months at a time, you come home for Christmas! This sounds like the best!
5-Sometimes I have to sing MY school song (Bingham High) while everyone else is singing "Dear ol' AF High" I just can't sing it. I have to be true blue (right Haylee?) Maybe by the time Abbey graduates I will have it down....NOT!
6-My dream car is a '68 Mustang GT. Completely restored with the leather button seats, manual transmission, and the spoked wheels. I would need an awesome sound system so I could blast music and make people stare at the OLD lady in the sports car.
7-Bartley is the ONLY person I have ever laid lips on.ha!ha! I have never kissed anyone but him, and only after things were pretty serious. I made a goal when I was 12 to only kiss my husband. It was hard at times, but it was worth it. I am actually pretty proud of myself! (Side note-Bartley did NOT make the same goal...)

I can't seem to get the darn "rules" for this tag to copy to my blog, but basically they are to tell 7 random facts and then tag seven other random people by leaving comments on their blog.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Lindsey is officially going to "Preference"! This has been quite the process. First, the girl has to ask the guy..creativity is a must. Then the guy has to answer the girl, again creatively. You can't just call each other...that would be far too LAME.

Lindsey decorated his car, and gave him some music to listen to. He took 5 whole days to start answering her, and he stretched his answer out for days. He did all sorts of crazy stuff, she had to watch a video clip on Utube, a banana came hurling out of a car window by a masked man(his cousin), a weird bucket of stuff hanging from our basketball hoop, and a few other bizarre moments but now it is finally over. Whew! Motherhood is not for wimps!

Ashley is preparing for her upcoming choir concert. She is constantly singing and playing her music on the piano. I am excited to hear it at the concert with all the other parts. She finished a Young Women activity this week, her class was in charge. It went really well. She did a great job. I was proud of her.

Nathan is feeling the pain of 6th grade. He has homework every night, and his teacher won't accept late work. He thinks it's the worst. We keep telling him that this is what is like to be an older more responsible person, it is hard work. He said yesterday, that he wishes he could go back and be a little kid again. SAD! We tell him that he will have good times and memories when he looks back on things a few years from now....

Maggey finished up her soccer season and completed her goal to score a goal during a game! She just showed off her new soccer skills at her Activity Days Talent Show. She was amazing! She is excited because in just a few days she will start to learn cursive writing. She says that she has been waiting her whole life to write in cursive. I am so glad that we can make her dreams come true!

Abbey is using her hearing aid every day, and says that she likes it. She says she likes it because she can hear everything her teacher says, she doesn't miss anything. I am so glad that we were able to get this taken care of for her. She is doing better at going to school, and seems to finally have adjusted to her new class.

Bart and I have been updating Maggey and Abbey's "new" room. We have painted the bunkbeds white, and painted their bedroom "princess"(pink and purple). It has taken us forever (it feels like) to get this project finished, but we are in the home stretch now. We just have a few things left. Hang blinds, put the door back on, etc.

Thanks to all for your loving support while Bartley was in the hospital again. We know that Heavenly Father has blessed us so much because we have such supportive friends and family who help us make it through some of the worst times. Know how much we love you and are grateful you are part of our lives! We could not have made it this far with out you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I am begging for money (for my classroom)!!!!

I am in the need of a sound system for my classroom. No I am not talking about a stereo, cd player, etc (that would be cool, thoguh). I need a microphone with speakers. Go to donorschoose.org. Click . On the left side of the widow under school location is a link that reads , click it. Then click in the pop up window. Back in the school location section click . Click in the pop up menu. Look for a project titled, "Could ya'Speak There Up Sonny, I Couldn't Hear Ya? From there you could look at the system that will be purchased for my room.
Read through it. If you want to make donation you are welcome to do so. Any amount is welcome. Then if you could tell your rich friends and employers that would be awsome.
Okay, thanks for letting me beg!!!!
Have a most excellent day.

P.S. If you have any questions email me at bnicholes@taxhawk.com or nich161@alpine.k12.ut.us. If You use my school email put Parents of in the subject line.
It has been over a month since we have updated our blog. Lindsey is now 16 and is asking us to take her to the DMV to get her permit. She has been pretty good about driving. I have asked her several times if she wants to drive home from Greenwood (3 blocks from home) and she has said no. She did finally say yes when I offered to let her drive home from church (1/2 block). I am trying to not "freak out" or anything. I am not too worried yet.
Unfortunately, on her birthday I ended up in the hospital. I talked with her twice on the phone that day and both times asked her if she had a date yet. She was getting frustrated with me so I quit asking.
She has asked a boy out to a dance in Nov. As of yet he has not given Lindsey a reply.
My time is running out so I had better end.
Before I do, Tyler I am still in 5th grade, and I am trying to get and keep the title of the meanest teacher, but I can't seem to do it.
Mr. Ratburn is my hero, and I would love to be compared to him any day (Watch Arther on PBS and you'll learn about Mr. Ratburn, AKA The Rat).
Love one and all.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Days

School has been in for about a week. All of the kids (except Abbey) are settled in and seem to be enjoying their classes. Lindsey has started High School, and is "catching a ride" with one of the Young Men from our ward.(There are NO buses for the High School at all) As parents this is both good and bad. Good because we don't have to worry about how she will get to school and bad because, well cause, she is old enough to ride with kids from the neighborhood who are old enough to drive! It is scary to turn your child over to someone who may or may not be responsible for her.....well, life. In his defense he is a good kid, I don't worry that much....

Anyway Ashley seems to be really enjoying her own identity at the Junior High. She was there last year with Linds, and so now she gets the "whole school" to herself. She is glad to be back with some of her old friends, and is making new friends too. She is in Women's Choir and she is excited about that,as are her parents. We are glad that she has an opportunity to continue developing her musical talents.

Nathan is in sixth grade, and he says it feels weird to be the oldest in the school. Most of his "posse" (his group of friends, most since kindergarten) are in his class this year, and he is thrilled. He has the hardest, strictest, meanest, teacher in the whole school, but so far he has learned that the rumors are just that rumors!

Maggey is enjoying third grade. She is soooo excited to learn to write in cursive! She is playing soccer this season, and she is having fun. Her best friend Sydney is in her class again this year, as well as on her same soccer team, so she is LOVING it!

Abbey is having a rough start to 2nd grade. :( We think that she is having a combo of issues, most of which have been resolved. She is letting herself get so stressed, that she is freaking herself out, giving herself stomach aches. She has cried and cried, and it is really sad. She has a WONDERFUL teacher, (Ashley had her for 3rd) so I am sure that everything will be fine, and hopefully soon. We have been through some of this before with the other kids, and well, we just have to leave them at the school, and let them work it out themselves. It is hard!

As for Bartley, he of course is back in the classroom. He has had the smoothest start ever! He is really busy with Bishopric duties, but he is doing OK. He really wants to go camping again, yesterday he said that he was going to hitch the trailer, drive thru town and then come home. Just to feel like he went somewhere. :)

I guess we're down to me...I have been extremely busy with work. I had a federal audit. People come to Maple Village and look at every piece of paper I have in the office (basically). It is the biggest pain in the ....... My supervisor comes and then I sit in front of the auditor and have to answer questions like "why is the sky blue?" At one point I just wanted to scream! Anyway, that is all finished, and it went ok. I am relieved. Now that that is over, I am just the usual busy, kids, work, kids, YW Pres, kids, husband....you get the picture.

Some of you have requested pictures of the "NEW" room.....Bart says I need to put some on the blog....but I don't know how to download them onto the computer from the camera......I guess I will have to learn.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The bedroom in the basement is finally finished. It only took 7 years and a lot of help. Thanks to the many helping hands. I couldn't have done it without you!!!!!
Jen can download the pictures later.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lindsey's Art Show Entry

A few weeks ago we had "Steele Days" which is American Fork's summer celebration. Part of that celebration is an Art Show featuring local artist's work. Lindsey took an awesome picture in Central Park while she was there last Fall. She decided that maybe just maybe she should enter it in the Art Show.

We are proud to announce that her picture received an Honorable Mention in the High School category. You can view her picture right here on our blog. Just go to our entry titled "Lindsey's New York Trip" it is the picture of the lake, with the fall colors. Way to go LINDS!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer is almost over!

Summer is coming to a close quickly. As a mother I have mixed feelings. It will be great to have the kids back in school. They are better entertained, and seem for the most part to really enjoy it. I really enjoy the peace and quiet that exists at the house during school hours. No fighting over the TV or computer, no lunch mess, less complaints about dinner, and 8:00pm bedtime (YES!).

I realize though that this will bring to end staying up late for sleepovers and movies in the Living Room, playing outside till it is dark, running through the sprinklers, and heading up the canyon for hot dogs and s'mores. AAAH, Summer is the best!

Lindsey will be starting High School and Drivers Education(aaagh), Ashley will be "alone" at the Junior High and Nathan will be in 6th grade, his last year of elementary. When did we get soooo old?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Girls Camp

We have just returned from Girls Camp. What a great experience it was! Bartley and I both were able to go (Thanks Grandma Mary:) and be there with Lindsey and Ashley.

I just want to say how wonderful, fabulous and terrific MY Young Women are. The media would have us believe that the world is falling apart and that teenagers are just lazy losers who are out to either kill each other or mooch off the world as much as possible. My Young Women are proof that the future of the world and church are in good hands.

My favorite part was sitting on the hill at the Manti Temple talking about Captain Moroni. It was a spiritual high that I will never forget. Some of the other activities I enjoyed were; Improv Night (Sis Frandsen and the Lemon HA! HA!) standing on the dock in the moonlight with Brianna, Value Hike, water fights on the paddle boats with Courtney and Nicole, Sister Smith and everyone jumping into the lake on Friday (it was fun to be a spectator) and of course Testimony Meeting.

Since my Young Women read my blog, I just have to say I LOVE YOU! Thanks for making Girls Camp the best I have ever been to!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities for our family. First, we had Nathan and Bartley at the Dodgers baseball tournament and my Sellers Training in SLC. Then I took 3 kids and went to the Murdock Reunion in Carey, ID. Bartley and Lindsey did Band Camp that same week. Lindsey and I have just returned from Youth Conference this past weekend. Bartley and Nathan were in Rexburg for the All Star Tournament. Maggey and Abbey stayed with our wonderful neighbors the Vigues, and also with Grandma Mary. WHEW! We are so busy!

Youth Conference was soooo awesome. Some of my Young Women read my blog and so this is for you.... I love you all so much and couldn't have been prouder of you than I was at Youth Conference. Our youth were in charge of a HUGE activity(a dramatic "plane crash"), right before testimony meeting. (NO PRESSURE!) They took on the challenge and completed it perfectly. If I could hand out an Academy Award to each of you I would! Thanks again to my YW! I am so lucky to serve with you!!

Coming up next week Lindsey, Ashley, myself and Bartley will be attending girls camp. We are excited to be going to Palisade Lake(our favorite camp site). Nathan, Maggey and Abbey will be staying at Grandma Mary's (Thanks, MOM) and they are super excited.

I am hopeful that after girls camp things will settle down a little and we will all be able to relax before school starts in mid August.

Ashley will be coming home tomorrow, and we are excited to see her. She has been gone a long, long time it seems. She has been lucky to have this opportunity, and we are grateful to Dan and Julie for opening their home to her. She says that she doesn't really want to come home. (Surprise-not!) She knows that we miss her. So does half of our ward, they want their babysitter back!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bartley Boys

Hello All,
Nathan and I (Bartley) spent the weekend in Rexburg, ID. at a baseball tournament. If you asked Nathan if he liked the trip he say, "Yea, but we didn't win any games." We didn't win a thing. Outside of that we had a good time together. We took our bikes are were able to get a little riding in. Sat. morning we found my Great Uncle Steve's house. We visited them for about an hour. Many of you don't know, but my brother Sandy was with Uncle Steve when he (Sandy) died. I had never really known what had transpired when he died, other than he was fishing and started feeling crummy (I was on my mission when Sandy died). I asked Steve if he would share with me what had happened and he did.
We also were took a two mile ride along the Snake River. It was actually to the first mile marker and back. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to drive home. I told Nate he would have to drive. He was really happy with that.
I wanted to take an alternate way home so we stopped at Walmart to get a map. The world is soooooo small. I was looking up and down the aisles and I see Kyle and Stephanie Moore.
They use to live down the street from us. They built a house in Riverton and then we knew they had moved to Washington state. They have been living in St. Anthony for the last 3 years. We were able to visit for a half hour. It was wonderful to get the highlights of their life. It just goes to show that you need to behave wherever you go because you don't know who you'll run into.
The alternative route we took was through Preston/Cache Valley way. I stopped and visited my cousin Lisa. I have not seen her for a while and was good to see her and Blair. We use to tend Colton when he was very little. Now he is very big.
While listening to the radio we heard an announcement of a book signing from a 15 year old author. I am sucker for book signings so we stopped an bought a copy of the book and had the author sign it to the "Bartley Boys"
I took Nathan to the Blue Bird Restaurant in Logan. He has his Father's appetite for beef. He ordered a piece of Prime Rib. He was able to finish about 1/3 of it (with the help of his dad) and then nibbled on it all the way home.
Our hotel didn't have a swimming pool. We went to the hotel where most of the team was staying and swam in that pool. We had a good time.
The hotel we stayed in had a hot tub. You will need to ask Nathan his take on the hot tub.
It is late and I get to stay home this week. Thanks Heaven.
One last thought: I realized on this trip that I miss open spaces. I like to see open space between towns. I like to know where one city/town starts and another one ends.
Love to all


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Murdock Reunion

Today I have been thinking about the last few weeks and I can't believe how totally crazy it has been for our family.

First I spent a few nights last week at the Marriot for my Annual training with the Sellers Group. Lindsey, Maggey and Abbey were all able to come and spend the night with me. We were able to go to the Hogle Zoo (paid for by my employer) after hours and wander around with out any crowds. The little girls had a blast! They got to ride on the new carousel over and over and over and, well you get the picture. Lindsey is an animal lover and so we all had a good time.

On Friday, I quickly drove home from my training and picked up Jamie(my baby sister) and Nathan, Maggey and Abbey. We threw their suitcases in the back of my van and we were off. 51/2 hrs. later we arrived in good 'ol Carey, Idaho. (Carey, Idaho is a VERY small town in Idaho where my grandparents and four of my cousins live. My mom was born and raised there.)

We were able to attend my grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary(WOW) celebration, which was wonderful. I am so lucky to belong to such wonderful, amazing, and inspiring people. It was fun to see my cousins, and to be in a place that has so many warm and wonderful memories. My mom's whole family is amazing. I love you all!

Saturday was full of MURDOCK family reunion, once again with my cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, second cousins (or is it once removed???). The usual family reunion stuff, games, food, THE circle game, visiting, etc...I had fun watching my kids make friends with my cousin's kids. It is a thrill to watch them make the connection...

Sunday was great, we went to church in my grandparents ward. My cousin is now the BISHOP (HA!). What a crack up,my older cousin Dan conducting the meeting. The same cousin who teased me until I cried, threw water balloons at me from the tree house, and infamously rode his bike through a family reunion with smoke bombs bombing,(or is it smoking?) is the BISHOP! :) It is funny to me that we are all such serious grownups, old and boring now.

I got kinda sentimental being there and wondering if this could be the last time I would visit my grandparents in their lifetime. I had to hold back the tears as we said goodbye. It was harder than I thought.

I will post more pic's later......

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Update by Bartley

Hello once again.
Nathan decided to go to Carey. He is having a fun time except for the fact that he was bitten by Tade, Grandpa Duane's dog. From the sound of it he got bit on the lip. I have not seen it yet and won't until Monday. I think he is doing okay.
Ashley is currently at Lake Tahoe. Boy life is rough. They have gone camping for the weekend. She was able to go to see Wall*E at Pixar Studios on Thursday. She really liked the theater there. She is not going want to go see a movie anywhere around here.
Lindsey is very sore tonight. She has spent 22 plus hours with marching band in the last two days. She and her friend Emily have been riding their bikes to band to save gas. Lindsey has had a pretty good attitude about doing it. Way to go Lindsey. I watched them rehearse part of their show today. The way it has been described to me and what I saw today it will be fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing it.
Lindsey and I went to see Iron Man last night. I appreciate her spending time with her old dad.
My Mom has always wanted to go for a hot air balloon ride. Today she got to do just that. She was up in Heber and had a wonderful time.
Jen will update you on her trip on Monday or Tuesday and hopefully have some pics for you.
Much love to you all,


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update by Bartley

Today Nathan finished his baseball season with the Dodgers. We won our first game of the tournament by one run and lost today's game by one run. The team really did well and they have a lot to be proud of. Nathan caught a fly foul ball. The batter popped it straight up; Nathan, being the catcher that he is, ripped off his helmet and found the ball and was able to catch it for an out. He was moved to third base later in the game. A runner was stealing third on a pass ball. The catcher threw the ball to third where Nathan caught it and tagged the runner, but the runner was safe. The runner then stepped off the bag to talk with his coach and did not call time out. Nathan then tagged him for the out. Nathan and I are heading to Rexburg for an All Star Tournament on Wednesday. We get to play four games at the minimum.
Last year Nathan asked me to take him camping for his birthday. He liked it so much that he wanted to make an annual thing. This trip will be "the guys" campout. We are excited.
Jen, Maggey, and Abbey are heading to Carey tomorrow. Nathan is still undecided. They will get to spend time with many of the Murdocks and are looking forward to it.
Lindsey has started marching band this week. Friday and Saturday will be all day band days, as in 11 hour days. She has received her music for show and will learn the first part of the "drill" in the next 2 days.
I have decided to stay home from Carey. Health wise it would not be a smart thing to do. As much as I try to convince myself that the a hospital visit can be a little R&R, I'd rather not go (to the hospital). Uncle Bobby once asked me if I was getting the hospital confused with the Hilton. At that time I had never been to a Hilton. I have since, and I can tell there is a lot of difference between the hospital and the Hilton. I would rather have the insurance pay for the "real" Hilton and stay there. It definitely be a lot cheaper (I wonder if I could get the cardiologist to write me a prescription for that?),

Uncle Bobby is AKA Dave Larsen. As in my brother-in-law, my sister Juli's husband. Several years ago Dave and Eric started calling Nathan, Richard. I am not sure where Nathan came up with it, but he started calling Dave, Bobby. I want to say that he was given inspiration from another aunt, but I cannot be sure. So, I will withhold Colleen's name in case I am mistaken.
Love to all, and I have appreciated reading the comments many of you have left.
Airman Nicholes, I'd love to bring my computer to you to see some more New York pics. By the way, I do not recall that kind of hairdo being approved by the military? Are you going undercover somewhere?
Here's to my Boys of Summer (Nathan's baseball team)


Friday, June 13, 2008

Ashley Update

We've talked to Ashley every few days and she seems to be doing great and it sounds like she is having a great time. She had a memorable trip to Disneyland, and LOVED the new "Toy Story "ride. She did say that it was hot and sweaty, and she liked it when we went in Feb. 07 cause the lines were shorter. (I took that as a good job, Mom!)

Julie took her to the Jelly Belly Factory (FUN!) and they have had a "craft" day. Ashley wouldn't tell me what they made, but I can tell from her voice that it must be something "FABULOUS". I am thinking that she sewed something because she informed me that she wants a sewing machine just like Julie. (Thanks Jules!) It sounds like my average Kenmore is just "lame" and "old". (Like it's owner!)

I asked her if she was ready to come home, and she replied with a resounding "NO!" I guess that homesickness is not a problem. I am beginning to wonder if she will get on the plane and actually come home when the time comes. I keep telling her that no one lives a life of just fun, sometimes life is just boring or hard, but Dan , Julie and Emma are proving me totally wrong! Thanks a lot you three! :)

Love you, Ash!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lindsey's New York Trip

We've finally downloaded Lindsey's pictures from her trip to New York. She went with the Marching Band(see Update post for more info). She was a member of the 1st band from Utah to be invited to participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We were proud of her. You don't know how much work and effort goes on behind the scenes for something like this, until you actually participate. The band practiced for countless hours, not only the music, but the formations for their 1 1/2 minutes of TV time. The band made a whole trip of it, knowing that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of the kids.

Lindsey was able to go to; Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan Temple, Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall and Ground Zero.She marched down Broadway, Columbus Circle, Times Square, past the Museum of Natural History, and Herald Square.

Here are just few of the pictures she brought home. If you want to see more, call us and we'll bring the computer to you.

Monday, June 9, 2008


We have had some questions about the other kids, it seems that we have blogged about Ashley and Nathan but not Lindsey, Maggey or Abbey.

Lindsey is enjoying a few weeks of summer before the intense band practices start. She did have a "clinic" last Saturday all day, 7am-8pm. For those who don't know what we are talking about, in American Fork the High School Marching Band is cool. You heard me COOL! Lindsey plays the flute and she loves every sweating second of the band. The AF Band has actually won the Utah State title for 15 years in a row and they have been invited to a big national competition this fall. I know it sounds kinda nerdy, but it is a big deal here, bigger than football. Anyway, she will be starting up practices every weekday soon, and some weekends as well.

She is also trying to earn money for her band trip, so if anyone out there has yard work, babysitting, or other projects that she could help with(and you can pay:))...let us know!!! Also she can sell a Domino's Pizza Discount card to anyone who is interested. It is good anytime at any Domino's, $10.00. Let us know if you want one.

Maggey is sad because school is out. She thinks summer should be 3 weeks long, not 3 months. She says it is too long and she misses her teacher. (She had a wonderful teacher!) Anyway, she has been busy riding her bike over to our church building and riding around the parking lot. Her "Best" friend (besides Abbey) Sydney lives across the street and they pretty much play together every day, all day. Bikes, hopscotch, jump ropes, and of course the kitty, Max are their main sources of entertainment.

Abbey is happy to be outside every minute of every day. She likes to go to Nathan's baseball games (not to watch Nathan, but to by candy for only a penny!). She's a regular at the candy shack! She is likes to ride bikes at the church with Maggey. She loves the cat too and spends a lot of time packing him around (when he lets her) and "helping" him climb our tree. She to is "BEST" friends with Sydney and plays all day with her and Jack, Sydney's little brother. Abbey has asked for a little brother here and there (NO WAY!) and so I tell her to just borrow Jack. Anyway they all play pretty good together and seem to enjoy it. She misses school too, and thinks summer is too long to be away from her teacher.(Her teacher was great too!) She is trying to convince her Dad to take her camping by themselves this summer. I am not sure if that will be possible, I am leaving that up to Bartley.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cute Picture

We were just downloading pictures and I came across this one. I just had to post it, cause my kids are so great!:)

The BIG Surprise!

So Ashley is finally in the know about her "Big" Surprise! DISNEYLAND!!! Dan and Julie were able to get some tickets through Pixar and take Ashely. Julie made her go around the house and find letters, then Ashley had to spell out the words, "Pack your bags,we're going to Disneyland!"
I've known for a long, long, long time that this was going to happen, Julie wanted to have it be a "Big" surprise for Ashley. I made Julie promise that when Ashley found out that she would call us. She did, and WOW she was excited! It sounds like they will get to ride a new ride in Disney California based on "Toy Story" before it opens to the public. Lucky!!

Many of you out there are probably wondering about my other kids and how they are handling this information about Ashley getting to go to Disneyland. I am really proud of them. They did say "Aw, no fair!" when I told them, but other than that they are just excited for her. We did talk about some of the trips/excursions we had planned while Ashley was gone, and that helped ease the "pain" of it all. We also joked about all of us jumping in the car and driving straight to Disneyland and meeting Ashley, Dan, Julie and Emma there and surprising them. We decided that Ashley would not enjoy that as much....she might say something like "what are you doing here?"

We can't thank Dan, Julie and Emma enough for this wonderful opportunity for Ashley!!

Have fun Ashley-we LOVE you!

Friday, June 6, 2008

All Star Team

Nathan made the all star baseball team for his division. He will play in a tournament in Idaho at the end of the month. Congrats Nathan!!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

I was thinking that it was the first official day of summer, but that really doesn't happen for a couple of weeks. Because school is out, I would consider this the first official day of summer. For this first day of school I painted downstairs and went back to my classroom to work on homework for class tomorrow. I still have 6 more days of my math endorsement. I have learned many things from this class, but I will be certainly glad it's finished. This next school year I hope to be able to relax a little and do the regular classroom teacher stuff. No more math class and no more HP grant.
I have been downloading some pictures that we have taken over the last few months and finally downloaded pictures Lindsey took in New York last Thanksgiving. We need to let her choose a few and upload them with some captions she would write.
Considering that Jen told you about our latest addition to the family we ought to load some pictures of Max. He is a fun cat to watch. He loves to play with strings, shoelaces, jump ropes, etc. He is also fun to watch as he plays in the tree in our front yard. He also likes to sit on the front driver's side tire and relax.
Nathan will be playing the last four games of his season in the next two weeks. He has done very well. He has played catcher most of the season. Last year he didn't like it very much, but he has loved it this year. He has been able to get a couple of runners out after a couple of pitches got behind him. He has learned to toss the ball and look at the same time hoping that the pitcher is there to get the toss. He doesn't listen to his coach very well. I was coaching third and I told him to run home on a pass ball. It wasn't even 10 seconds later he was walking to the dugout after stealing home.
I have really enjoyed coaching this team. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to do it. I have had a great support group to help me. We are hoping to finish the season well.
Of course Ashley is very excited to go to California. She gets to go see Wall E before the rest of the world gets to see it. Julie has told there is another surprise, but she won't tell her. Ashley has asked me a few times if know what the surprise is. Ashley doesn't know that I know. If she reads this blog she will know, but that's ok. Have a good time Ashley.
Lindsey gets a week off before she starts doing the band thing. They start parade season and not too long after that they start learning their show for the upcoming season.
Maggey and Abbey are happy to be able to play outside in the water and ride bikes. They spent most of the day doing those two things.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Californina Here Comes Ashley..........

Ashley will be in California in 2 days. I hope everyone there is ready for her. She is sooooooooooo excited she can't sleep (she woke up every hour last night). She has already started packing. She reminds me so much of Julie right now, she has a black binder with all her lists in it. Each list is color coded and has further instructions on the back side of each page. I think there are four or five pages of lists. What to take on the plane, what to pack in her wallet, etc. She has of course made several other pages of just artwork, containing her favorite renditions of her "California" art.
I hope she will be able to settle down once she gets there, and hope that she will have a blast. (NO pressure Dan and Julie):)

We are gonna miss Ashley, she brings her own sense of humor to every situation and ends up making us all laugh in the process. She is so creative and talented when it comes to anything artistic. I will miss her playing the piano, and I will miss her memory. Who needs an electronic planner when Ashley will remind me and keep reminding me until I do it? (Julie beware: if you give her something to remember, she will NEVER forget it until you do it, so use this skill wisely!)

I hope she will have great times and memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to Julie and Dan for this great opportunity!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The New Bedroom

It has taken 6 years longer than it really should have, but the bedroom is about done. The major painting is done. We need to do several touch ups and install light fixtures, plug plates, switch plates, and the bars in the closet then I am done with my portion of the bedroom. After that it's carpet and moving in. Unfortunately, Ashley will not be able to spend much time in her new room before she leaves for California.
It is times like this that I wish I would have inherited the "Energizer Bunny" gene. I think Todd, Juli, and ALee got that one. I don't know about Sandy.
We have had a lot of help. Todd, Dad, Jason, Dave, and Deric. Speaking of Dave; there are two times, of which I know, since Dave has been part of the family that he has wanted to punch me. One is when he and Juli were dating and I did something to Juli (it something that little brothers do), and then when he was working in basement he found that the wires for the sockets were "hot" when I told they were not. Thanks Dave for not punching it would have hurt.
Happy Summer!!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

So now Ashley is not happy about there not being a picture of her, so here is one of her and that will take care of everyone now. Whew! This was taken up at Mutual Dell ( American Fork Canyon) we all went sledding for an afternoon in January. It was a blast!!


Maggey and Abbey were sad that there wasn't a picture of them, so here they are.... This was taken at Thanksgiving time, if you look close you will be able to see a pilgrim and an Indian.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Try

I tried to set up a blog after reading Deric and Stephanie's blog, but I cannot remember how I set it up.
I know Jen has had a bit of fun posting comments and we did pictures a few moments ago. I wanted to have a little fun and post my own.

From my point of view things are moving...in what direction I am not really sure. There is a week of school left and I am sad to see this class move on. They have been a wonderful class. They are one of the top two classes I have had in my short teaching career. I would love to have a class like this one every year. I have been fortunate to only have 18-19 students in my class the entire year. They really have been fantastic.

Nathan's baseball season is half over. The team has really made some progress. I can tell some things are sinking in. The kids have acted like they are having fun.
I have had my fun for the night.


I am still learning about blogging. I am going to post a few random pictures to see how this really works.

It looks like Bartley and I together can post some pictures. It only took us 15 min. to figure it out!:)

For anyone who can't figure out the pictures, Lindsey is playing her flute at a Band Concert, I believe last fall and Nathan well he's just being Nathan.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Whoever said Motherhood is not for wimps, well they were right. I have been running around since 6am trying to get everyone and everything done. I have been to work, cleaned house, done some of the mountain of laundry, got dinner (not fixed, Wendy's), took Lindsey to her concert, cleaned out the litter box ( I knew it would be me!) put kids to bed. No wonder I am so tired. It is a busy, crazy, happy life.

Lindsey participated in her last band concert at the junior high tonight. She is getting so tall and grown-up, it's almost painful for us parents. I guess the older I get the more I understand my parents and how much they love me. I also understand why they were always so tired when I lived at home!

Special thanks to my mom, for clean bathrooms, clean clothes, trips to the Library for a last minute reports, countless hours at the typewriter (typing the last minute reports), Halloween costumes, and Sunday curlers in my hair. I also can't forget the dent in the station wagon, the bent basketball hoop(the other dent in the station wagon), the hole in the downstairs bathroom door, and the many times I ran away to the backyard, (you helped me pack). Thanks for homemade wheat bread( you were right, I do love it now that I am grown up), toffee at Christmas, and bedtime stories. I can't leave out Christmases in general, stuffing at Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July. Thanks for teaching me to have this crazy, happy life, and the advice to love every minute because it goes by too fast.

Monday, May 19, 2008

First Time Blogger

I am not really sure how this all works, but I am giving it a try.

AAAAHHH, the last few days of school. A child's dream, a mother's nightmare(HA). Abbey says it was the BEST day of school for her because she had a Teddy Bear Picnic at the park today with her class. Complete with Teddy Bears,Lunch, and the story about the Teddy Bear Picnic. It is fun to her point of view, so innocent still.

Nathan had to write a report about a famous American, he presented it today. He was given the opportunity to choose and chose Ronald Reagan. Nathan has always admired Ronald Reagan and he did a good job. He had to dress up as the famous person, so he wore his Sunday clothes,and he borrowed his Dad's Cowboy hat. The kids in his class didn't really understand who Ronald Reagan even was, but Nathan is a bigger fan now than ever. I was proud of the depth of character Nathan has in that he didn't choose a movie star or a sports star but someone who was a true American.

Ashley is going to spend a month at Julie's house and she is sooooo excited. She is driving us all crazy with her excitement. She writes " CALIFORNIA" on every piece of paper, including napkins or paper plates. She is constantly making lists for herself what she should pack, what she should wear, when she should start packing, etc. I hope Dan is ready for all of this. Julie and Ashley are two peas in a pod. Two peas in a pod, with two bees in their bonnets will make for an interesting few weeks at the Holland home. We will miss Ashley, but we know this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for her to spread her wings a little and see another part of our country. Ashley earned every penny to buy her ticket and we are proud of her for setting a goal and acheiving it.

Lindsey is 15 1/2 now and is chomping at the bit to get her driving permit. I don't really believe that we are old enough to have children old enough to drive. I remember when I was old enough, and man my parents were old. I don't know what we were thinking, letting her grow up!! Anyway she is starting up Marching Band and is totally consumed by it. This is great because then she is so occupied that she has no time for anything else, not even American Idol! Gasp!

Last but not least we have our Maggey. She is in 2nd grade and is a joy to have in our home. Today after school I let the kids slip-n-slid, I was the BEST MOM EVER! I can't believe that she will be going to 3rd grade. It seems like they mature so fast once they are in 3rd grade, I will be sad to see the sweet little girl Maggey grow up.

Last but not least we do have a new member of the Nicholes Family. I know what you are all thinking and it is nothing like that. We have adopted a cat. I know don't pass out. Me the anti animal person, I have allowed my kids to get a cat. His name is Max and he is really pretty cute. He is black with a white "tuxedo" markings, with a white tipped tail and white feet. The kids have had a blast with him, but now that it is time to clean out the litter box, well no one is fighting for that job. Lindsey is especially enjoying the opportunity to have an animal around.

I will post some pictures, when I figure out how to actually do it. (I will probably need Ashley or Lindsey to help me) See how old I am!......