Thursday, October 30, 2008

Band, Choir and Stuff

WoW! We have had a crazy few weeks. It seems like we just run from one responsibility to another. From Young Women to Scouts, to Band and Choir etc. we are always doing something, somewhere.

Ashley had her choir concert a few days ago, and it was AWESOME. Her teacher let the kids vote for a good cause. They chose a family whose 8 month old baby is really ill and may not live very long. They then donated all the ticket sales to this family.:) Over $2000.The news keeps telling us that teenagers are up to NO good, well they are wrong. The spirit was strong there, you could feel the kids love for this little family. Ashley preformed well, Hero by Mariah Carey, Grateful Prayer in spanish, and My boyfriends back. It was really fun. We were proud of Ashley, she practiced a lot for her performance. and you could see how prepared she was. I wish that you all could have been there.WAY to GO ASH!

We were able to go to Lindsey's Band competition this last weekend in St. George and Las Vegas. WOW! I wish you could all have been there. The Band won the Western Regional Band of America Competition. This is the 1st time in 27 years (the whole time the competition has existed) that a band from Utah has won. It was so emotional, and amazing. The other bands from California, Oklahoma, and Nevada were amazing too, in fact I thought one of them would win for sure. Every band parent that was there had tears in their eyes. We stormed the field (UNLV stadium) and all of the band kids were in tears too. Lindsey ( and all the band) got a special medal for this accomplishment. Then they went out on the field and performed with their medals on for their parents. Once again the tears flowed. The Band director told them that performing for their parents is the most important performance they ever do. TEARS!

They have worked their guts out this year (blisters on feet and hands, bloody lips, dehydration etc. NOT kidding) and we are proud of them. I know some of you think it's just the dumb band, but around our little town this is big news. They had an encore performance at the High School on Monday, and the Mayor, all the major TV stations were there. The stands were almost completely full of spectators!I can't even believe it myself. There is talk that the Governor may be coming down to do some sort of presentation to!

We were able to stay with Jason and ALee (Bart's sister) in St. George. The kids had a great time sleeping over with their cousins. Nathan was able to go out to the Ranch with Jason and Porter. He helped paint a building and of course rode the four wheelers. He had a great time.

Ashley, Maggey and Abbey stayed behind (while mom and dad went with the band) and played with Bergen (ALee's daughter). They LOVED every second and can't wait to go back!

After that 'high" we came home to a broken washing machine, and the stomach flu.....:(

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megan said...

Haha lol. What a way to end a great weekend. I'm sorry about the flu and the broken washing machine. Did you film the competition! I want to see it sooooo badly! I'm sure they looked AMAZING!!! Me and Kaitlin were soooo excited for them here in good old Ephraim and wishing we could have been there!!!! Love and miss you guys! :)