Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Try

I tried to set up a blog after reading Deric and Stephanie's blog, but I cannot remember how I set it up.
I know Jen has had a bit of fun posting comments and we did pictures a few moments ago. I wanted to have a little fun and post my own.

From my point of view things are what direction I am not really sure. There is a week of school left and I am sad to see this class move on. They have been a wonderful class. They are one of the top two classes I have had in my short teaching career. I would love to have a class like this one every year. I have been fortunate to only have 18-19 students in my class the entire year. They really have been fantastic.

Nathan's baseball season is half over. The team has really made some progress. I can tell some things are sinking in. The kids have acted like they are having fun.
I have had my fun for the night.

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