Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Days

School has been in for about a week. All of the kids (except Abbey) are settled in and seem to be enjoying their classes. Lindsey has started High School, and is "catching a ride" with one of the Young Men from our ward.(There are NO buses for the High School at all) As parents this is both good and bad. Good because we don't have to worry about how she will get to school and bad because, well cause, she is old enough to ride with kids from the neighborhood who are old enough to drive! It is scary to turn your child over to someone who may or may not be responsible for her.....well, life. In his defense he is a good kid, I don't worry that much....

Anyway Ashley seems to be really enjoying her own identity at the Junior High. She was there last year with Linds, and so now she gets the "whole school" to herself. She is glad to be back with some of her old friends, and is making new friends too. She is in Women's Choir and she is excited about that,as are her parents. We are glad that she has an opportunity to continue developing her musical talents.

Nathan is in sixth grade, and he says it feels weird to be the oldest in the school. Most of his "posse" (his group of friends, most since kindergarten) are in his class this year, and he is thrilled. He has the hardest, strictest, meanest, teacher in the whole school, but so far he has learned that the rumors are just that rumors!

Maggey is enjoying third grade. She is soooo excited to learn to write in cursive! She is playing soccer this season, and she is having fun. Her best friend Sydney is in her class again this year, as well as on her same soccer team, so she is LOVING it!

Abbey is having a rough start to 2nd grade. :( We think that she is having a combo of issues, most of which have been resolved. She is letting herself get so stressed, that she is freaking herself out, giving herself stomach aches. She has cried and cried, and it is really sad. She has a WONDERFUL teacher, (Ashley had her for 3rd) so I am sure that everything will be fine, and hopefully soon. We have been through some of this before with the other kids, and well, we just have to leave them at the school, and let them work it out themselves. It is hard!

As for Bartley, he of course is back in the classroom. He has had the smoothest start ever! He is really busy with Bishopric duties, but he is doing OK. He really wants to go camping again, yesterday he said that he was going to hitch the trailer, drive thru town and then come home. Just to feel like he went somewhere. :)

I guess we're down to me...I have been extremely busy with work. I had a federal audit. People come to Maple Village and look at every piece of paper I have in the office (basically). It is the biggest pain in the ....... My supervisor comes and then I sit in front of the auditor and have to answer questions like "why is the sky blue?" At one point I just wanted to scream! Anyway, that is all finished, and it went ok. I am relieved. Now that that is over, I am just the usual busy, kids, work, kids, YW Pres, kids, get the picture.

Some of you have requested pictures of the "NEW" room.....Bart says I need to put some on the blog....but I don't know how to download them onto the computer from the camera......I guess I will have to learn.


Brooke said...

Can you believe that our kids are so old? :) Amazingly Texas schools teach cursive writing in 2nd grade, so of course Lincoln missed most of it last year before we moved, luckily he caught up quickly. Tell the kids hi from Lincoln, we still talk about you guys a lot.

Becca said...

Thanks for the update. But did Bartley move to the sixth grade, because I had heard he was the meanest, scariest teacher at the school? Hope the school years goes well for everyone.

Pyper said...

Can't believe Linds is riding to school with a boy! Sounds like everyone's busy and enjoying it! I hope Abbey is doing better now that she's been in a little longer.

Love y'all!

Deric said...

I remember school days very vaguely, I really wish I could remember more, but I guess when you get old you forget a lot of things. I also think that Tyler was very rude to make his comment and that he is the meanest scariest relative that we have. I am glad that you guys are doing your blog, being here and missing out on everything that goes on there makes it hard to keep up on what everybody is up to, but these blogs make it so much fun. Thanks for doing it! Love you guys!