Saturday, June 28, 2008

Murdock Reunion

Today I have been thinking about the last few weeks and I can't believe how totally crazy it has been for our family.

First I spent a few nights last week at the Marriot for my Annual training with the Sellers Group. Lindsey, Maggey and Abbey were all able to come and spend the night with me. We were able to go to the Hogle Zoo (paid for by my employer) after hours and wander around with out any crowds. The little girls had a blast! They got to ride on the new carousel over and over and over and, well you get the picture. Lindsey is an animal lover and so we all had a good time.

On Friday, I quickly drove home from my training and picked up Jamie(my baby sister) and Nathan, Maggey and Abbey. We threw their suitcases in the back of my van and we were off. 51/2 hrs. later we arrived in good 'ol Carey, Idaho. (Carey, Idaho is a VERY small town in Idaho where my grandparents and four of my cousins live. My mom was born and raised there.)

We were able to attend my grandparents 65th Wedding Anniversary(WOW) celebration, which was wonderful. I am so lucky to belong to such wonderful, amazing, and inspiring people. It was fun to see my cousins, and to be in a place that has so many warm and wonderful memories. My mom's whole family is amazing. I love you all!

Saturday was full of MURDOCK family reunion, once again with my cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, second cousins (or is it once removed???). The usual family reunion stuff, games, food, THE circle game, visiting, etc...I had fun watching my kids make friends with my cousin's kids. It is a thrill to watch them make the connection...

Sunday was great, we went to church in my grandparents ward. My cousin is now the BISHOP (HA!). What a crack up,my older cousin Dan conducting the meeting. The same cousin who teased me until I cried, threw water balloons at me from the tree house, and infamously rode his bike through a family reunion with smoke bombs bombing,(or is it smoking?) is the BISHOP! :) It is funny to me that we are all such serious grownups, old and boring now.

I got kinda sentimental being there and wondering if this could be the last time I would visit my grandparents in their lifetime. I had to hold back the tears as we said goodbye. It was harder than I thought.

I will post more pic's later......


Dan and Julie said...

HEY FAM!!! It looks like you had a great time without me!! lol:) I love you guys and i'm excited for seeing you on wed. i love lots and have missed you tons I hope you are still having fun!! Love ya Ashley :D

Joel said...

Hey Jen, this is Joel, Lisa's husband. I love the pics of the family reunion. We were sorry we couln't go, what with Lisa being 9.8 months prego and everything. Looks like it was great, as always.