Thursday, October 30, 2008

Band, Choir and Stuff

WoW! We have had a crazy few weeks. It seems like we just run from one responsibility to another. From Young Women to Scouts, to Band and Choir etc. we are always doing something, somewhere.

Ashley had her choir concert a few days ago, and it was AWESOME. Her teacher let the kids vote for a good cause. They chose a family whose 8 month old baby is really ill and may not live very long. They then donated all the ticket sales to this family.:) Over $2000.The news keeps telling us that teenagers are up to NO good, well they are wrong. The spirit was strong there, you could feel the kids love for this little family. Ashley preformed well, Hero by Mariah Carey, Grateful Prayer in spanish, and My boyfriends back. It was really fun. We were proud of Ashley, she practiced a lot for her performance. and you could see how prepared she was. I wish that you all could have been there.WAY to GO ASH!

We were able to go to Lindsey's Band competition this last weekend in St. George and Las Vegas. WOW! I wish you could all have been there. The Band won the Western Regional Band of America Competition. This is the 1st time in 27 years (the whole time the competition has existed) that a band from Utah has won. It was so emotional, and amazing. The other bands from California, Oklahoma, and Nevada were amazing too, in fact I thought one of them would win for sure. Every band parent that was there had tears in their eyes. We stormed the field (UNLV stadium) and all of the band kids were in tears too. Lindsey ( and all the band) got a special medal for this accomplishment. Then they went out on the field and performed with their medals on for their parents. Once again the tears flowed. The Band director told them that performing for their parents is the most important performance they ever do. TEARS!

They have worked their guts out this year (blisters on feet and hands, bloody lips, dehydration etc. NOT kidding) and we are proud of them. I know some of you think it's just the dumb band, but around our little town this is big news. They had an encore performance at the High School on Monday, and the Mayor, all the major TV stations were there. The stands were almost completely full of spectators!I can't even believe it myself. There is talk that the Governor may be coming down to do some sort of presentation to!

We were able to stay with Jason and ALee (Bart's sister) in St. George. The kids had a great time sleeping over with their cousins. Nathan was able to go out to the Ranch with Jason and Porter. He helped paint a building and of course rode the four wheelers. He had a great time.

Ashley, Maggey and Abbey stayed behind (while mom and dad went with the band) and played with Bergen (ALee's daughter). They LOVED every second and can't wait to go back!

After that 'high" we came home to a broken washing machine, and the stomach flu.....:(

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was tagged long ago by Juli, so here is 7 random facts!!!

This should not be difficult. I spend most of my day speaking randomly. Just ask my class.

1. I want to go to New Zealand to earn a doctoral degree, and visit Christ's Church.
2. If I ever get a paying gig for public speaking, I have my first 10 minutes of the act already planned.
3. It's not really a secret, but in my next life I want to be an F16 fighter pilot.
4. I am teaching in the classroom in which I was a third grade student. Mrs. Peterson, my third grade teacher, is the only teacher to send me to the principal's office. My BIG offense...5 minutes late for class.
5. I want to own and manage the Sticky Shoe (AF's own dollar theater).
6. I want to do a voice over for an animated film.
7. If I had millions of dollars I would charter an airplane, fly everyone to Disneyland, rent a wing of a Disneyland Hotel, give everyone spending money, admission to Disneyland, and require that we all eat one dinner together. So we could have a fun time at Disneyland.
There it is.


Friday, October 17, 2008


Every year the extended Nicholes Family looks for ways to serve others at Christmas time in place of gift giving. With Tyler (our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend) and his family living in Kinshasa, Congo we have realized a great need there. Tens of thousands of children are homeless living on the streets or in orphanges in this city of SEVEN MILLION. We as a family are focusing on collecting as many baby blankets or even baby clothes as we can to ship to Tyler. They need anything they can get so also any school supplies or child's clothing will be greatly appreicated. Tyler along with his Bishop, will distribute the items we collect. NOVEMBER 1st thru DECEMBER 1st we will be asking people to donate their items that they have collected. Items can be new or gently used:) We appreciate all those willing to help with this years project!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ok Pyper tagged me, I guess this all started with Juli....

1-I am totally scared of heights. I can't walk near a railing or balcony (ie the second floor of the mall), because my stomach drops, I get dizzy, and I am sure that I am going to die.
2- If I could have my dream job, I would be an Elementary School Librarian.....Marian the Librarian.:)I love picture books, they are my favorite. I am actually quite particular, the words and the pictures have to be just right. I love the smell of books in general, cause I love the "Library" smell.
3- I like watching movies....but only if they have a happy resolution at the end. I avoid movies like Charlie, or P.S. I love you... Movies are an escape for me...I don't want reality.:)I am already living it!
4- I want to go on a Mission, to Martin's Cove. I would love my companion, and I enjoy pioneer history. Plus you only serve about 6 months at a time, you come home for Christmas! This sounds like the best!
5-Sometimes I have to sing MY school song (Bingham High) while everyone else is singing "Dear ol' AF High" I just can't sing it. I have to be true blue (right Haylee?) Maybe by the time Abbey graduates I will have it down....NOT!
6-My dream car is a '68 Mustang GT. Completely restored with the leather button seats, manual transmission, and the spoked wheels. I would need an awesome sound system so I could blast music and make people stare at the OLD lady in the sports car.
7-Bartley is the ONLY person I have ever laid lips on.ha!ha! I have never kissed anyone but him, and only after things were pretty serious. I made a goal when I was 12 to only kiss my husband. It was hard at times, but it was worth it. I am actually pretty proud of myself! (Side note-Bartley did NOT make the same goal...)

I can't seem to get the darn "rules" for this tag to copy to my blog, but basically they are to tell 7 random facts and then tag seven other random people by leaving comments on their blog.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Lindsey is officially going to "Preference"! This has been quite the process. First, the girl has to ask the guy..creativity is a must. Then the guy has to answer the girl, again creatively. You can't just call each other...that would be far too LAME.

Lindsey decorated his car, and gave him some music to listen to. He took 5 whole days to start answering her, and he stretched his answer out for days. He did all sorts of crazy stuff, she had to watch a video clip on Utube, a banana came hurling out of a car window by a masked man(his cousin), a weird bucket of stuff hanging from our basketball hoop, and a few other bizarre moments but now it is finally over. Whew! Motherhood is not for wimps!

Ashley is preparing for her upcoming choir concert. She is constantly singing and playing her music on the piano. I am excited to hear it at the concert with all the other parts. She finished a Young Women activity this week, her class was in charge. It went really well. She did a great job. I was proud of her.

Nathan is feeling the pain of 6th grade. He has homework every night, and his teacher won't accept late work. He thinks it's the worst. We keep telling him that this is what is like to be an older more responsible person, it is hard work. He said yesterday, that he wishes he could go back and be a little kid again. SAD! We tell him that he will have good times and memories when he looks back on things a few years from now....

Maggey finished up her soccer season and completed her goal to score a goal during a game! She just showed off her new soccer skills at her Activity Days Talent Show. She was amazing! She is excited because in just a few days she will start to learn cursive writing. She says that she has been waiting her whole life to write in cursive. I am so glad that we can make her dreams come true!

Abbey is using her hearing aid every day, and says that she likes it. She says she likes it because she can hear everything her teacher says, she doesn't miss anything. I am so glad that we were able to get this taken care of for her. She is doing better at going to school, and seems to finally have adjusted to her new class.

Bart and I have been updating Maggey and Abbey's "new" room. We have painted the bunkbeds white, and painted their bedroom "princess"(pink and purple). It has taken us forever (it feels like) to get this project finished, but we are in the home stretch now. We just have a few things left. Hang blinds, put the door back on, etc.

Thanks to all for your loving support while Bartley was in the hospital again. We know that Heavenly Father has blessed us so much because we have such supportive friends and family who help us make it through some of the worst times. Know how much we love you and are grateful you are part of our lives! We could not have made it this far with out you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I am begging for money (for my classroom)!!!!

I am in the need of a sound system for my classroom. No I am not talking about a stereo, cd player, etc (that would be cool, thoguh). I need a microphone with speakers. Go to Click . On the left side of the widow under school location is a link that reads , click it. Then click in the pop up window. Back in the school location section click . Click in the pop up menu. Look for a project titled, "Could ya'Speak There Up Sonny, I Couldn't Hear Ya? From there you could look at the system that will be purchased for my room.
Read through it. If you want to make donation you are welcome to do so. Any amount is welcome. Then if you could tell your rich friends and employers that would be awsome.
Okay, thanks for letting me beg!!!!
Have a most excellent day.

P.S. If you have any questions email me at or If You use my school email put Parents of in the subject line.
It has been over a month since we have updated our blog. Lindsey is now 16 and is asking us to take her to the DMV to get her permit. She has been pretty good about driving. I have asked her several times if she wants to drive home from Greenwood (3 blocks from home) and she has said no. She did finally say yes when I offered to let her drive home from church (1/2 block). I am trying to not "freak out" or anything. I am not too worried yet.
Unfortunately, on her birthday I ended up in the hospital. I talked with her twice on the phone that day and both times asked her if she had a date yet. She was getting frustrated with me so I quit asking.
She has asked a boy out to a dance in Nov. As of yet he has not given Lindsey a reply.
My time is running out so I had better end.
Before I do, Tyler I am still in 5th grade, and I am trying to get and keep the title of the meanest teacher, but I can't seem to do it.
Mr. Ratburn is my hero, and I would love to be compared to him any day (Watch Arther on PBS and you'll learn about Mr. Ratburn, AKA The Rat).
Love one and all.