Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was tagged long ago by Juli, so here is 7 random facts!!!

This should not be difficult. I spend most of my day speaking randomly. Just ask my class.

1. I want to go to New Zealand to earn a doctoral degree, and visit Christ's Church.
2. If I ever get a paying gig for public speaking, I have my first 10 minutes of the act already planned.
3. It's not really a secret, but in my next life I want to be an F16 fighter pilot.
4. I am teaching in the classroom in which I was a third grade student. Mrs. Peterson, my third grade teacher, is the only teacher to send me to the principal's office. My BIG offense...5 minutes late for class.
5. I want to own and manage the Sticky Shoe (AF's own dollar theater).
6. I want to do a voice over for an animated film.
7. If I had millions of dollars I would charter an airplane, fly everyone to Disneyland, rent a wing of a Disneyland Hotel, give everyone spending money, admission to Disneyland, and require that we all eat one dinner together. So we could have a fun time at Disneyland.
There it is.



Haylee said...

I really liked number 7!! disneyland sounds fun! I cant wait to take Tristan there:) I also like the part about your third grade teacher!!

Becca said...

I would love to go to New Zealend, Becca and I hope to make it out there some day, that and Tahiti.

The Nicholes said...

I'm on the plane already!!!
Or was that just a joke?