Sunday, June 8, 2008

The BIG Surprise!

So Ashley is finally in the know about her "Big" Surprise! DISNEYLAND!!! Dan and Julie were able to get some tickets through Pixar and take Ashely. Julie made her go around the house and find letters, then Ashley had to spell out the words, "Pack your bags,we're going to Disneyland!"
I've known for a long, long, long time that this was going to happen, Julie wanted to have it be a "Big" surprise for Ashley. I made Julie promise that when Ashley found out that she would call us. She did, and WOW she was excited! It sounds like they will get to ride a new ride in Disney California based on "Toy Story" before it opens to the public. Lucky!!

Many of you out there are probably wondering about my other kids and how they are handling this information about Ashley getting to go to Disneyland. I am really proud of them. They did say "Aw, no fair!" when I told them, but other than that they are just excited for her. We did talk about some of the trips/excursions we had planned while Ashley was gone, and that helped ease the "pain" of it all. We also joked about all of us jumping in the car and driving straight to Disneyland and meeting Ashley, Dan, Julie and Emma there and surprising them. We decided that Ashley would not enjoy that as much....she might say something like "what are you doing here?"

We can't thank Dan, Julie and Emma enough for this wonderful opportunity for Ashley!!

Have fun Ashley-we LOVE you!

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Bryce and Jamie said...

Oh my GOSH!!! That is so fun for Ashley! I love that Julie always has something up her sleeve. So what are the other things you'll be doing with the rest of the kids? Oh and that is AWESOME that Nate got chosen for the all star team!!! So will you just stay up in Idaho after the reunion? How's Lindsey doing with band? What are Maggey and Abbey up to with everyone doing their own thing? Love ya!