Monday, July 14, 2008

Girls Camp

We have just returned from Girls Camp. What a great experience it was! Bartley and I both were able to go (Thanks Grandma Mary:) and be there with Lindsey and Ashley.

I just want to say how wonderful, fabulous and terrific MY Young Women are. The media would have us believe that the world is falling apart and that teenagers are just lazy losers who are out to either kill each other or mooch off the world as much as possible. My Young Women are proof that the future of the world and church are in good hands.

My favorite part was sitting on the hill at the Manti Temple talking about Captain Moroni. It was a spiritual high that I will never forget. Some of the other activities I enjoyed were; Improv Night (Sis Frandsen and the Lemon HA! HA!) standing on the dock in the moonlight with Brianna, Value Hike, water fights on the paddle boats with Courtney and Nicole, Sister Smith and everyone jumping into the lake on Friday (it was fun to be a spectator) and of course Testimony Meeting.

Since my Young Women read my blog, I just have to say I LOVE YOU! Thanks for making Girls Camp the best I have ever been to!

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Jeff & Haylee said...

sounds like you guys had fun!! I always found that great leaders are also what made girls camp so great and worth going!!