Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another Update by Bartley

Hello once again.
Nathan decided to go to Carey. He is having a fun time except for the fact that he was bitten by Tade, Grandpa Duane's dog. From the sound of it he got bit on the lip. I have not seen it yet and won't until Monday. I think he is doing okay.
Ashley is currently at Lake Tahoe. Boy life is rough. They have gone camping for the weekend. She was able to go to see Wall*E at Pixar Studios on Thursday. She really liked the theater there. She is not going want to go see a movie anywhere around here.
Lindsey is very sore tonight. She has spent 22 plus hours with marching band in the last two days. She and her friend Emily have been riding their bikes to band to save gas. Lindsey has had a pretty good attitude about doing it. Way to go Lindsey. I watched them rehearse part of their show today. The way it has been described to me and what I saw today it will be fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing it.
Lindsey and I went to see Iron Man last night. I appreciate her spending time with her old dad.
My Mom has always wanted to go for a hot air balloon ride. Today she got to do just that. She was up in Heber and had a wonderful time.
Jen will update you on her trip on Monday or Tuesday and hopefully have some pics for you.
Much love to you all,



MegRich said...

Hey Nicholes Family! Poor Nathan. I saw it right as Tade bit him. It was pretty traumatic and Maggie and Abby were so cute- they were just bawling because they were scared for their big brother. I thought that was so sweet. But other than that I'm glad to hear all is going well for ya'll!

Dan and Julie said...

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