Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities for our family. First, we had Nathan and Bartley at the Dodgers baseball tournament and my Sellers Training in SLC. Then I took 3 kids and went to the Murdock Reunion in Carey, ID. Bartley and Lindsey did Band Camp that same week. Lindsey and I have just returned from Youth Conference this past weekend. Bartley and Nathan were in Rexburg for the All Star Tournament. Maggey and Abbey stayed with our wonderful neighbors the Vigues, and also with Grandma Mary. WHEW! We are so busy!

Youth Conference was soooo awesome. Some of my Young Women read my blog and so this is for you.... I love you all so much and couldn't have been prouder of you than I was at Youth Conference. Our youth were in charge of a HUGE activity(a dramatic "plane crash"), right before testimony meeting. (NO PRESSURE!) They took on the challenge and completed it perfectly. If I could hand out an Academy Award to each of you I would! Thanks again to my YW! I am so lucky to serve with you!!

Coming up next week Lindsey, Ashley, myself and Bartley will be attending girls camp. We are excited to be going to Palisade Lake(our favorite camp site). Nathan, Maggey and Abbey will be staying at Grandma Mary's (Thanks, MOM) and they are super excited.

I am hopeful that after girls camp things will settle down a little and we will all be able to relax before school starts in mid August.

Ashley will be coming home tomorrow, and we are excited to see her. She has been gone a long, long time it seems. She has been lucky to have this opportunity, and we are grateful to Dan and Julie for opening their home to her. She says that she doesn't really want to come home. (Surprise-not!) She knows that we miss her. So does half of our ward, they want their babysitter back!

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megan said...

Wahoo! Ashley is coming home finally lol. Yes, I am very glad that the plane crash worked out. Phew! I thought it was gonna be way hard getting everyone to be cooperative and reverent...but things just have a way of working out just the way they should =].