Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays-Family Update

Last year we posted our annual Christmas letter on our blog....and we had so many positive comments that we are doing it again this year.

2009 was a year full of new challenges for our family. We have truly been blessed, and as we look back we see that we have much to be grateful for this year.

ABBEY- is in 3rd grade. She loves school and is a good student. She played soccer for the first time this year and loved it! She turned eight and was baptized this year. She is a sweetheart, always willing to help and always the peacemaker.
MAGGEY-turned 10 on her birthday. She was so excited to reach double digits. She is her teacher's number one helper, and she just passed off all of her times tables 1-12, and her division facts 1-12. Quite an accomplishment since she is only the 3rd kid in her teacher's carreer (10 years or so) to do so. She too played soccer and loved it. She is very responsible, and usually is the first to do her chores, and most of the time without any reminders!
NATHAN-has changed the most in the last year. He has grown about 4 feet since last year (ok so maybe not quite that much, but it sure seems like it!) His great happiness this year is that he is taller than; one mom, both grandma's, two aunts and three sisters. He has left behind elementary school and is now attending junior high. He says, "I wish I had enjoyed more of my childhood while I was in elementary.." His favorite activity right now is a toss up between baseball, eating, BYU football and of course eating.
ASHLEY- is busy working on all of her musical talents. She started taking piano lessons again this year after a two year break. She has decided that practicing actually pays off! (YEA!) She is also in the top choir at the junior high and has an amazing alto voice. She is involved with an "extra " choir which practices only during student's free time. They sang recently at a Christmas concert and they stole the show! She is very responsible and helpful to those around her. We are constantly getting compliments about what a wonderful person she is. We agree!
LINDSEY-has had a big year this year as well. She has been to several school dances, and is quite happy to be part of the dating scene. She has her drivers license, and is enjoying the new freedom and responsibility. She runs errands for her mom all the time, picking up kids, running to the store... her mom LOVES it! This year as most of you know Lindsey was involved in a serious bus accident that took her teacher's life. (see previous posts) It has been a time of growth and reflection for her as well as our entire family. She continues to love marching band and is already looking forward to next season.
JEN-remains busy taking care of a busy family. It seems like our kids are growing up so fast now that I feel like I am missing it! When they were all little I wished that they were bigger, older more responsible, but now that they are bigger, older,and more responsible I am thinking, wait slow down, there is no rush.... They are my biggest blessing and my greatest joy! I have learned this year to treasure every moment and to always say "I love you". You just never know when your life can be turned upside down and inside out. I am still working as the Manager at Maple Village Apartments and still love my calling as Young Women President.
BARTLEY- is doing well. After three hospitalizations this year, he has been give as clean of a bill of health he can get. He is busy with his 5th grade class and his second job doing Customer Support from home for Tax Hawk. He is always chasing after the kids with me. He is a great dad, taking time with each kid on an individual basis. He continues to love his calling in the Bishopric. This year he decided (with my approval, sort of) to get the kids a dog. YEP, that's right a dog. His name is "Cooper". He's a beagle and a great dog. I'm not sure who is enjoying the dog more Bart or the kids??

As we look forward to 2010 we look forward to the blessings and challenges that lie ahead for our family. We have faith and confidence that the Lord will continue to bless us.

Love from our family to yours,

Bartley, Jen, Lindsey,Ashley, Nathan, Maggey and Abbey......and Cooper