Saturday, May 24, 2008

The New Bedroom

It has taken 6 years longer than it really should have, but the bedroom is about done. The major painting is done. We need to do several touch ups and install light fixtures, plug plates, switch plates, and the bars in the closet then I am done with my portion of the bedroom. After that it's carpet and moving in. Unfortunately, Ashley will not be able to spend much time in her new room before she leaves for California.
It is times like this that I wish I would have inherited the "Energizer Bunny" gene. I think Todd, Juli, and ALee got that one. I don't know about Sandy.
We have had a lot of help. Todd, Dad, Jason, Dave, and Deric. Speaking of Dave; there are two times, of which I know, since Dave has been part of the family that he has wanted to punch me. One is when he and Juli were dating and I did something to Juli (it something that little brothers do), and then when he was working in basement he found that the wires for the sockets were "hot" when I told they were not. Thanks Dave for not punching it would have hurt.
Happy Summer!!!!!

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