Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Lindsey is officially going to "Preference"! This has been quite the process. First, the girl has to ask the guy..creativity is a must. Then the guy has to answer the girl, again creatively. You can't just call each other...that would be far too LAME.

Lindsey decorated his car, and gave him some music to listen to. He took 5 whole days to start answering her, and he stretched his answer out for days. He did all sorts of crazy stuff, she had to watch a video clip on Utube, a banana came hurling out of a car window by a masked man(his cousin), a weird bucket of stuff hanging from our basketball hoop, and a few other bizarre moments but now it is finally over. Whew! Motherhood is not for wimps!

Ashley is preparing for her upcoming choir concert. She is constantly singing and playing her music on the piano. I am excited to hear it at the concert with all the other parts. She finished a Young Women activity this week, her class was in charge. It went really well. She did a great job. I was proud of her.

Nathan is feeling the pain of 6th grade. He has homework every night, and his teacher won't accept late work. He thinks it's the worst. We keep telling him that this is what is like to be an older more responsible person, it is hard work. He said yesterday, that he wishes he could go back and be a little kid again. SAD! We tell him that he will have good times and memories when he looks back on things a few years from now....

Maggey finished up her soccer season and completed her goal to score a goal during a game! She just showed off her new soccer skills at her Activity Days Talent Show. She was amazing! She is excited because in just a few days she will start to learn cursive writing. She says that she has been waiting her whole life to write in cursive. I am so glad that we can make her dreams come true!

Abbey is using her hearing aid every day, and says that she likes it. She says she likes it because she can hear everything her teacher says, she doesn't miss anything. I am so glad that we were able to get this taken care of for her. She is doing better at going to school, and seems to finally have adjusted to her new class.

Bart and I have been updating Maggey and Abbey's "new" room. We have painted the bunkbeds white, and painted their bedroom "princess"(pink and purple). It has taken us forever (it feels like) to get this project finished, but we are in the home stretch now. We just have a few things left. Hang blinds, put the door back on, etc.

Thanks to all for your loving support while Bartley was in the hospital again. We know that Heavenly Father has blessed us so much because we have such supportive friends and family who help us make it through some of the worst times. Know how much we love you and are grateful you are part of our lives! We could not have made it this far with out you!


Pyper said...

Good to hear everyone is doing so well! Congrats to Linds and her date, and her band competition. It was so fun to be there!

Jen~ You've been tagged. Juli started it, it's kind of fun. Go to my blog, cut and paste and follow the rules!

Tyler said...

Sounds like everyone is doing good, and keeping you two very, very busy. Have fun at Pref Lindsey.

megan said...

why is that utah thinks that teenagers have to be creative to ask out for a dance??? what ever happened to just asking lol.