Sunday, June 1, 2008

Californina Here Comes Ashley..........

Ashley will be in California in 2 days. I hope everyone there is ready for her. She is sooooooooooo excited she can't sleep (she woke up every hour last night). She has already started packing. She reminds me so much of Julie right now, she has a black binder with all her lists in it. Each list is color coded and has further instructions on the back side of each page. I think there are four or five pages of lists. What to take on the plane, what to pack in her wallet, etc. She has of course made several other pages of just artwork, containing her favorite renditions of her "California" art.
I hope she will be able to settle down once she gets there, and hope that she will have a blast. (NO pressure Dan and Julie):)

We are gonna miss Ashley, she brings her own sense of humor to every situation and ends up making us all laugh in the process. She is so creative and talented when it comes to anything artistic. I will miss her playing the piano, and I will miss her memory. Who needs an electronic planner when Ashley will remind me and keep reminding me until I do it? (Julie beware: if you give her something to remember, she will NEVER forget it until you do it, so use this skill wisely!)

I hope she will have great times and memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks to Julie and Dan for this great opportunity!

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