Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Am Still Begging for Money (for my classroom)!!!

I am still begging for money for an audio enhancement system for my classroom. The cost of the system is $815. $300 have been donated so far. Any amount helps. Go to donorschoose.org. On the left hand side of the window about half way down is a link that reads . This link will give you a list of the states. Obviously, click Utah. When the state window closes look in the same location for a link that reads District. On the pop up window click Alpine School District. Currently in the top position is a request titled "Could Ya' Speak There Up Sonny, I Couldn't Hear Ya?" This is my project. Any amount will help. If you have any questions talk to me. Tell your rich friends, neighbors, etc.
I am done for now.


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Jen said...

It is a sad commentary on our education system that teachers have to spend their own $ or find a way to raise $ for needed equipment. It's pathetic!