Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Whoever said Motherhood is not for wimps, well they were right. I have been running around since 6am trying to get everyone and everything done. I have been to work, cleaned house, done some of the mountain of laundry, got dinner (not fixed, Wendy's), took Lindsey to her concert, cleaned out the litter box ( I knew it would be me!) put kids to bed. No wonder I am so tired. It is a busy, crazy, happy life.

Lindsey participated in her last band concert at the junior high tonight. She is getting so tall and grown-up, it's almost painful for us parents. I guess the older I get the more I understand my parents and how much they love me. I also understand why they were always so tired when I lived at home!

Special thanks to my mom, for clean bathrooms, clean clothes, trips to the Library for a last minute reports, countless hours at the typewriter (typing the last minute reports), Halloween costumes, and Sunday curlers in my hair. I also can't forget the dent in the station wagon, the bent basketball hoop(the other dent in the station wagon), the hole in the downstairs bathroom door, and the many times I ran away to the backyard, (you helped me pack). Thanks for homemade wheat bread( you were right, I do love it now that I am grown up), toffee at Christmas, and bedtime stories. I can't leave out Christmases in general, stuffing at Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July. Thanks for teaching me to have this crazy, happy life, and the advice to love every minute because it goes by too fast.

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