Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Luck Lindsey!

On Thursday morning Lindsey (at 4am!) will take off to go to Indianapolis to participate in a national marching band competition. According to her band director they are ranked 3rd in the nation. No band from Utah has ever placed in this competition,in fact, American Fork went about 5 years ago and was in the top 20. This is a very prestigious event, and they all have worked very very hard to be there. I admire the band director,Mr.Miller for all of his efforts, getting 230 teenagers to all do the right moves at the right time, while playing perfect music. It is pretty amazing! Our only wish for the band is that they do their very best and leave everything they have out on the field,if they do that and come home proud of their performance, then we ask nothing else.

As a parent it is hard for me to send my girl across the country, changing planes, layovers etc. I know she will be fine, she is a good girl, and she will follow all the rules. I know that there are plenty of good people there with her, who will take good care of her, but it is still hard. I can't help but feel a little more sympathy for parents when they send a missionary out. I know a few days is not the same , but the trust in others and Lord must be similar.

The above picture was taken this summer during a parade,Lindsey is second from the left.


I am not computer savvy, I wish I knew how to get a link to this, but if you would like to see and sort of hear the marching show you can go to www.youtube.com, type in American Fork Marching Band, select BYU 2008, and then watch! There is another video from Fox 13 news, if you want more.....


Haylee said...

Good Luck Lindsey! I hope you have a great time:)

Becca said...

Congratulations Lindsey and good luck, have fun.

The Clem Family said...

What an awesome oppurtunity for you, Lindsey! Good Luck! P.S. Keep that phony Mellaina in line.

Jen said...

Just FYI...Lindsey informed me that she is not in the picture I posted...what can I say they all look the same! Sorry linds!