Friday, June 13, 2008

Ashley Update

We've talked to Ashley every few days and she seems to be doing great and it sounds like she is having a great time. She had a memorable trip to Disneyland, and LOVED the new "Toy Story "ride. She did say that it was hot and sweaty, and she liked it when we went in Feb. 07 cause the lines were shorter. (I took that as a good job, Mom!)

Julie took her to the Jelly Belly Factory (FUN!) and they have had a "craft" day. Ashley wouldn't tell me what they made, but I can tell from her voice that it must be something "FABULOUS". I am thinking that she sewed something because she informed me that she wants a sewing machine just like Julie. (Thanks Jules!) It sounds like my average Kenmore is just "lame" and "old". (Like it's owner!)

I asked her if she was ready to come home, and she replied with a resounding "NO!" I guess that homesickness is not a problem. I am beginning to wonder if she will get on the plane and actually come home when the time comes. I keep telling her that no one lives a life of just fun, sometimes life is just boring or hard, but Dan , Julie and Emma are proving me totally wrong! Thanks a lot you three! :)

Love you, Ash!


Bryce and Jamie said...

Way to go Jen with downloading so many pictures. And the pictures that Lindsey took in New York looked like a professional would take. Maybe she should become a photographer. :) Where is that picture taken of all the kids on mom's quilt? I love that Maggey and Abbey are close enough in age to have friends that they play with.

Becca said...

It was great to catch up on all your kids, we are in the outer banks right now and loving it and can't wait to see you all in a few weeks. Tyler

Ben and Cindy Spratling said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have enjoyed looking at yours as well, the past few days. You are so good at updating, with super cute pictures too! As for a camping place, the entire area is beautiful, so any place you pick should be great. We are out of town this week, otherwise I would go scope something out for ya. Good luck and see you at the reunion!

Deric said...

I am so glad you guys have a blog! We are adding you to our Blog list! I just finished reading all your posts! I giddily told Stephanie that we were mentioned in your blog! Tell all hello and that we miss everyone there!