Saturday, April 25, 2009

Abbey and the Bike Wreck

On Monday night, Abbey decided to go for a bike ride. She rode from our driveway, to the next door neighbors driveway. According to her, her seat turned and she was thrown over the handle bars and onto her chin. OUCH! When she came into the house, I could tell by her cries that she was hurt, not just a bandaid and I am better hurt, but the real kind of hurt. Anyhow, her chin swelled up so fast it was about 4 times the size in less than 20 min. We ended up taking her to our good friends house (he's our pediatrician). He checked her out for about 20min or so, and thought she would be ok. After lots and lots of Ibuprofen, and what seems like millions of ice packs, here's the proof that she was in PAIN! She is not in as much pain now, and seems to be back to normal, including riding her bike, AFTER Dad tightened the seat, and tested it several times himself.

Prom 2009

Lindsey is at the PROM right now as I am typing this. She looked and felt like a princess, complete with Tiara! It is hard to believe that the little girl who lived at our house, slept in our bed most nights with her "special" blankie, watched Cinderella at least 4 times a day, and rocked her baby to sleep while I rocked Ashley, is already 16, beautiful and DATING!!!

Special THANK YOU! to my mother for sewing the FABULOUS jacket for Lindsey, (so she could remain modest, and feel comfortable) and to our friend Mariann for the hair and makeup, and toes!

Ain't she sweet!