Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The bedroom in the basement is finally finished. It only took 7 years and a lot of help. Thanks to the many helping hands. I couldn't have done it without you!!!!!
Jen can download the pictures later.



Bryce and Jamie said...

YAY!!! I want to come over and see the new room!! Love ya!

Shane said...

Glad to hear you got the room done! I love it when I finally get a project done...feels good doesn't it? I'm sure you will all enjoy the benefits of an extra room!

Bryce and Jamie said...

Hey you need to put pics up of the new room. Also, we need to have a girls day where we go shopping @ Rod Works or Quilted Bear. Ya know.
Julie has a blog, but she doesn't use it. I'll talk to her about it though. We also need to get Meliane and Ruth to get on board too. At least we have one. :)
Love ya!!