Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Things around here have been sooooo busy! Nothing really out of the ordinary, but just busy.

Just a few highlights from the last few weeks;

Lindsey-went to the Valentines Dance with Taylor Smith. She has "officially" committed to be in the Marching Band this coming year, and is thinking seriously about being a section leader.

Ashley- was asked to be a TA for Choir next year. It 's a real compliment, her teacher approached her, not the other way around. Yahoo, Ash!

Nathan- Placed at the school Science Fair, and is now on to the District Science Fair. WOW!

Maggey-Cut 8 inches of hair off, her hair is now to her shoulders. It's really cute. She looks different, older somehow. :( We are getting ready to donate her hair to Locks of Love.

Abbey- Also cut her hair off, about 10 inches. Her hair is now above her shoulders, and looks cute. We will be donating her hair as well.

Jen- Bartley and I celebrated our 19th anniversary in February. We went to Aspen Grove overnight with a group of our friends. 4 couples in all, 3 of whom all had their anniversary in February as well. We had a BLAST. We stayed up late and played games, visited, and had LOTS of junk food. We acted like a bunch of teenagers!:)

Bartley- Has started working most nights for Taxhawk. Which is great, except for we all seem to need the computer at the same time he needs to be working......hence the lack of updates.

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Haylee said...

you guys do sound busy!! I'm glad everything is going well with everybody. Good luck to Nathan on District!